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How to Calculate Angular Speed of Electric Motor by using Optical Sensor ?

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I want to calculate the angular speed of motor. An optical sesnor is attached to count the pulses. In MAT file i have binary data (0 or 1) from the optical sesnor. My question is that how i can calculate the angular speed of motor from this binary data ?
dpb on 14 Sep 2018
Well, need to know how many pulses/revolution the sensor provides and the timing of the sampling.
After that, it should be pretty straightforward.

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Answers (1)

Vineeth Nair
Vineeth Nair on 17 Sep 2018
Edited: Vineeth Nair on 17 Sep 2018
Since 1revolution=1pulse, Angular Speed= Number of pulses/(Number of sample data * Sampling time)


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