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how to make irregular 3d shape with spherical coordinates?

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Hi, I have some different values of 'r' in spherical coordinates and want to plot 3d irregular surface. e.g, I have phi = [0,2pi] and theta = [0,pi/2], so for each phi and theta, I have different r value. I just want to plot the surface, with no color, and only showing the variation in r by 3d surface.

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Vineeth Nair
Vineeth Nair on 11 Sep 2018
Attaching a sample code. I have converted the spherical coordinates to Cartesian, keeping radius variable as a vector. Further I have used surf function for the 3d plot.
Muhammad Faheem Awan
Muhammad Faheem Awan on 14 Sep 2018
@Vineeth Nair,, ThankYou for your efforts Vineeth. Thanks.. Hopefully this will resolve my problem.
Saeed Ghanbarifar
Saeed Ghanbarifar on 5 Jan 2021
how can i plot this map in matlab or python ?/
x=lat : utm system
y= long
z= magnetic data

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