Rapid Accelerator parsim Problem in 2018a

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I believe there is a problem with modifying tunable parameters when using parsim in 2018a. I have been having difficulty getting rapid accelerator parameters to update from one simulation to the next. After struggling I decided to work through an example in detail. When following the example "Rapid Accelerator Simulations Using Parsim" (found in the help) in 2018a I noticed that were was no variation in the results even for the example. The first image below is from the help of 2018a. I then tried the same example on 2017b and got the results I was looking for. The second image is from the help of 2017b. Notice the variation in this example. Again, these are the result plots published in the matlab help and I have verified that I get the same results when running on 2018a and 2017b. There appears to be something wrong with 2018a that is not allowing the tunable parameters to be updated.
There is another example that behaves the same way, "Parallel Simulations Using Parsim: Parameter Sweep in Rapid Accelerator Mode" available in the 2017b and 2018a help.
Not sure if this is related but I notice that "SimulinkGlobal (Auto)" is not an available option in the Storage class drop down in the Simulink model's "Model Parameter Configuration" dialog.

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Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar on 29 Aug 2018
Edited: Rahul Kumar on 29 Aug 2018
Hi Ryan, Sorry that you ran into this issue. This was a bug that has been fixed. The example should work fine in 18a Update or later. Here is the link to the bug report
If you are not able to download the 18a Update for some reason, please use the workaround provided in the bug report.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks, Rahul

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