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How to remove/edit the grid axis short-line from the matlab graph using Edit->Figure properties

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Dear Everyone,
I have a question regarding the Matlab graph on x,y-axis in figure properties settings. Actually, how can I manually adjust the length of the grid axis lines as highlighted from my attached figure? Also, is that possible how can I manually remove them on the grid axis by using the Figure properties option.
I tried to do it on the Edit -> Figure properties -> More properties -> Figure:axes. But somehow it doesn't work.
Please run the attached simple matlab files : workspace and mfile.
Thanks, appreciate if someone can help.

Accepted Answer

Vineeth Nair
Vineeth Nair on 29 Aug 2018
In the Figure:Axes window that you opened, if you expand the TICKS properties, there is an option called TickLength. There you can adjust the tick length to zero , to remove it, or edit it to your desired value. For more information regarding tick length, you can refer the documentation here .
You will find various options to adjust the properties of tick in this same window. For more details refer this link .

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