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EtherCAT PDO Receive | EtherCAT receive variable | receive all signals at once (demux later)

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For SLRT (Simulink Realtime) I use "EtherCAT PDO Receive" to read out a specific signal. For data-logging, I would like to save all signals send to SLRT (which are 30+ signals). Of course I could read them by creating 30+ separate "EtherCAT PDO Receive" and manually select each signal one by one (and afterwards mux and use a FileScope to save). However, this is a very prolonged and error prone process. There must be a better way.
How do I receive all signals at once? Which blocks should I use?
My release: MATLAB Version 9.3 (R2017b), Simulink Version 9.0 (R2017b), Simulink Real-Time Version 6.7 (R2017b).

Answers (1)

Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 26 Aug 2018
The EtherCAT blocks in SLRT read the information provided by the EtherCAT Network Information (ENI) XML file. If you want to combine signals, you should modify the ENI file.




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