Selection color in uicontrol listbox

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Hey all!
I'm wondering if there is a way to control the highlight selection color (currently blue) in a list box? See attached example.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 6 Aug 2018
You could change the background color of individulal rows (see this ) but I don't know of a way to change the selection highlight color.

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Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts on 8 Aug 2018
There is no object property you can change to alter the highlight selection color.
As a workaround, in your list selection callback, you can deselect the item to remove the highlight, and change the background color using the HTML method Adam linked to. The following answers page provides a good example of how to change the text colors in individual rows, you can modify it to change the "bgcolor" instead of "color" (in the line pre = ...), which will "highlight" that list item.

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Keqin Xu
Keqin Xu on 31 Oct 2019
Trouble is, when there are "<" in the string, the "<" are missing in the listbox!
Any ideas to fix it? Thanks!
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Joris Lambrecht
Joris Lambrecht on 2 Jun 2020
I use the following little function:
function htmlStr = formatHTML(str)
% FORMATHTML converts < and > to HTML codes
htmlStr = strrep(str, '<', '&#60');
htmlStr = strrep(htmlStr, '>', '&#62');

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