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dsp.AudioFileReader. What happens when the audio is shorter than 'SamplesPerFrame'?

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Hello everybody!
While looking to the dsp.AudioFileReader, a question came to me. Imagine that you are processing an audio whose duration is 10 secons in a loop. For each iteration you pick 3 s. of audio to process it using SamplesPerFrame = 3*Fs from dsp.AudioFileReader, where Fs is audio sampling frequency. The thing is that, after 3 iterations, only 1 s of audio is left to be read, but SamplesPerFrame forces to get 3 s. My question is, will this throw an error? Will Matlab perform zero-padding for the last 2 seconds? Will it grab only the second remaning?
Thanks in advance :)

Accepted Answer

Dinesh Iyer
Dinesh Iyer on 3 Aug 2018
It will zero pad to the frame size.

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