Why was SelectionHighlight done away with for UIControls????

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WHY? It still works for lines and axes. You doin' me a confuse. Hek?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Jul 2018
That change was made back in release R2014b as part of the major update to the graphics system. We had also mentioned that these properties might be removed in the release R2014a Release Notes.
How were you using those properties? Perhaps if we know what you were using them to do we can suggest an alternate approach.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 31 Jul 2018
Trying to lock down some uncontrolled on a figure. Checkboxes, buttons, edits. Once the items on the figure are selectable, I don’t have to tell you that ticking that little checkbox gets, interesting. Any other way to accomplish the same?
When I create a GUI I normally don't expect users of the GUI to need to rearrange or edit the components. That's my responsibility as the author and designer of the GUI.
if I zoom in on the axes and the select the arrow tool again then all my buttons, edit boxes, checkboxes, even labels lose all function i.e. I cannot click them.
Yes, that's correct. If plot editing is enabled, clicking on a component in the figure selects the component rather than triggering it. But if I remember correctly changing the SelectionHighlight property of those objects didn't prevent you from selecting them, it just controlled whether or not they showed that they were selected. So I'm not certain how that would have helped you in your workflow.
Ive been sitting here trying to figure out why this was taken away. Maybe to FORCE a move to GUI/AppDesigner?
I don't know exactly why. But App Designer was first introduced in release R2016a, so probably not.
Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to contact Technical Support using the Contact Us link in the upper-right corner of this page, describe how you used those properties to the Support staff, and ask how to achieve the same goal.

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