How to create Instrument Driver (.mdd) file for a Tektronix DPO71254C o-scope?

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James Lievsay
James Lievsay on 27 Jul 2018
Commented: James Lievsay on 31 Jul 2018
Using Matlab to interface with Tektronix DPO71254C o-scope via VISA Resource Manager. Previously used a TDS6124C o-scope and a corresponding .mdd file with Matlab. However, we are not sure how this file was created. Attempted to create DPO .mdd file from scratch with the Instrument Driver Editor but this seems very easy to mess up/miss important information for the scope.
Is there a location where we can download a similar file for the DPO? Or is there a command to create such a file?

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Kenny Shu
Kenny Shu on 30 Jul 2018
If there is an IVI driver provided, you can make the MDD file using the "makemid" command:
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James Lievsay
James Lievsay on 31 Jul 2018
We downloaded a provided IVI driver from National Instruments for the DPO 71254C scope but, when we use the makemid() command with the driver name we get the following error: Error using makemid (line 132) The specified driver could not be loaded
Any ideas what the issue could be?

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