what does the following syntax do?

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if ~isempty(Root_InPorts)
Root_InPorts = get_param(Root_InPorts,'Name');
Num_Of_Root_InPorts = numel(Root_InPorts);
Root_OutPorts = find_system(Search_Path,'SearchDepth',1,'BlockType','Outport');
if ~isempty(Root_OutPorts)
Root_OutPorts = get_param(Root_OutPorts,'Name');
Num_Of_Root_OutPorts = numel(Root_OutPorts);

Accepted Answer

Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 28 Mar 2020
I think there is a line missing at the beginning:
Root_InPorts = find_system(Search_Path,'SearchDepth',1,'BlockType','Inport');
This code counts the number of Inport blocks and Outport blocks in the first level of a Simulink model, and provides this info in the variables Num_Of_Root_InPorts and Num_Of_Root_OutPorts respectively.

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