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Cell array to Matrices

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fartash2020 on 21 Jun 2018
Commented: fartash2020 on 21 Jun 2018
Dear Matlab users, I have a cell array B 1x512 . now I want to divide every cell to a new matrix. So I will have 512 matrices.I prefer their names to be C1,C2...,C512. every "C" matrix is 10001x3 matrix.
I am using cell2mat option, but I want to write a loop which I cannot do it
thi is working just for one, I do not want to do it one-by-one.
Thanks in advance,

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 21 Jun 2018
You already have your C1, C2, ..., C512 in a very convenient container making it very easy to access: your cell array. Assuming your cell array is called C and not B, to get C1:
to get C2:
Creating numbered variables is an extremely bad idea. It's just going to make your code more complicated, slower, harder to debug for no gain whatsoever. See tutorial-why-variables-should-not-be-named-dynamically-eval for a complete explanation
What it looks like from your cell2mat(B(1)) is that you don't know how to access the data in a cell array. See the tutorials on the cell array page to learn the difference between () and {} indexing.
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fartash2020 on 21 Jun 2018
Tnx Guillaume, you are right. I do not need to convert anything.
With my best regards,

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KL on 21 Jun 2018
Use 3D matrices, it's a better idea.
C_mat = cell2mat(permute(C,[1,3,2]))
fartash2020 on 21 Jun 2018
To simply state what I want:
I want to write a loop for this
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Jun 2018
We firmly recommend against that. It would be better to continue to index the cell array.
If you have the case of needing to create each of the entries as separate variables in a .mat file then we can do that without ever creating the variables in your workspace.

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