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picking maximum difference across entries of row vectors, Part 3

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The question is
for each row, take a difference between every possible pair of two elements in the row and returns the maximum difference
Now A can have missing values. For example, A =[ NaN NaN 3 9 4]. In this case the previous solution
vec = sort(A);
B = vec(end)-vec(1);
does not return a correct answer 6. Please advise.
alpedhuez on 6 Jun 2018
Suppose I replace NaN by -infty. Then the problem would be about taking the difference between max and min among nonzero elements for each row.
alpedhuez on 7 Jun 2018
Edited: alpedhuez on 7 Jun 2018
I can run a loop for each row calculates
but would hope simpler code.

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Accepted Answer

Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan
A = [NaN NaN 3 9 4 ; 1 100 NaN 34 12];
maxdiffs = max(sort(A,2),[],2) - min(sort(A,2),[],2);

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