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how to remove green pixels after background removal using color thresholder app in matlab?

Asked by Yoon ThiriZaw on 11 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Yoon ThiriZaw on 15 May 2018
i do plant disease detection and classification.i need a code to remove green pixels in matlab.i have done background removal using color thredholder app in do i continue.Then,how to extract features using glcm.please help me for code this two.


What does "remove" mean to you? Set green pixels to zero (black)? Extract into an array with only those pixels in it? Something else???
I mean green pixels remove- "the pixels where the level of green is higher than red and blue are identified and remove by application of the mask.These green pixels most probably represent healthy areas in the leaves. Thus,after removing the background and green pixels,the region left in an image is the region of our interest" said in my thesis reference paper. Then, how do i continue? Please,answer me! Thank u Image Analyst!You are great!!!

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1 Answer

Answer by xiao
on 12 May 2018

you can set the pixel value which is (0,255,0) zero or 255, then you can do your remove. (or directly by finding out (0,255,0) )