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intersection mesh plot (3D)

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dear all could any one pleas give me an idea how to find the intersection between the following plot
Many Thanks


KSSV on 9 May 2018
Is it intersection between a plane and a curve?
Tammun filistin
Tammun filistin on 9 May 2018
intersection between the two plane (i mean the two mesh in the figures)

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Jason Nicholson
Jason Nicholson on 9 May 2018
Edited: Jason Nicholson on 17 May 2018
Without more information, I can only provide hints. Here you go:
  • If the two surfaces can be thought of as mathematical functions instead of mesh data, then you can plot the 0 level contour of the difference. If you use small positive and negative contour values, you can probably plot where the functions are similar. Even if you just have scattered mesh data, use scatteredInterpolant with natural interpolation to form a function. If the data is gridded, then use griddedInterpolant. See the documentation on scatteredInterpolant and griddedInterpolant .
  • Take a look at the Volume visualization tools . Specifically, isosurface and slice .
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