How to display parameter values in Simscape custom block?

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Chris McNamara
Chris McNamara on 7 May 2018
Answered: Erin McGarrity on 4 Jun 2021
I am working in Simscape to perform hydraulic systems and thermal liquid systems analysis for my organization. A nice feature I found in the Simscape Fluids toolbox was the custom fluid property blocks. These blocks are similar to their analogs in the base Foundation library but they come pre-loaded with certain fluids such as Transmission Fluid, Gasoline, Water, etc. Additionally in the Hyrdaulic domain, it allows you to specify a fluid temperature to evaluate properties at. It also lets you view the current properties (Density/Kinematic viscosity) at the specified temperature prior to simulation.
I wanted to replicate this block's behavior so that I can re-utilize it in many different simulations and give it to my colleagues for usage in theirs. I needed to write this custom block since we have some proprietary fluids that we use regularly. The block so far has been fairly easy to compose by placing a lookup table function and the fluid property data in as vectors. I have also been able to have a fluid selection drop down menu by using an enumeration function. But I am unable to locate in documentation for Simscape, how to display the results of the lookup table in the block's parameters dialog. How can I do this?

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Erin McGarrity
Erin McGarrity on 4 Jun 2021
We have updated most of the fluid properties blocks so that they can create a plot of their properties. To access the plot, you can right-click on the properties block and select Foundation Library-->Plot Fluid Properties or Fluids-->Plot Fluid Properties.
See examples here and here.

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