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get variables from text file

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Ageliki Vka
Ageliki Vka on 27 Apr 2018
Answered: Sarah Palfreyman on 30 Apr 2018
I have a text file with data from a person who did an experiment. It is attached here. I need to get a vector with the number of every trial. Then I need a cell array that contains all the buttons pressed in that trial, all the timePresses and all the durations. E.g. for that file the trial numbers vector would be : [1 2 7 8 9]. For trial 1 the button would contain: 2 1 2 1, the timePress would contain: 5.6497, 6.6892, 12.3369, 12.7852 and the duration would contain: 0.8395 5.6476 0.4483 6.1118. I imagine we need something like textscan or regular expressions but I don't really know how to use them... Thanks on advance for every advice.

Answers (3)

Ageliki Vka
Ageliki Vka on 28 Apr 2018
Anyone please?

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 29 Apr 2018
GetNumsInAsciiFile (on FileExchange) will get you one long list of numbers, and then you can put them where you like. Maybe that's a start.

Sarah Palfreyman
Sarah Palfreyman on 30 Apr 2018
You can also use Text Analytics Toolbox for this workflow.

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