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Workspace variables in R2015a

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Abdul Gaffar
Abdul Gaffar on 25 Apr 2018
Commented: dpb on 25 Apr 2018
Good morning sir, before R2015a MATLAB version, i was using MATLAB 2013. In R2013a matlab, varibles were shown with their minimum and maximum value in workspace but in R2015a, it is not?? Sir, plz fix this.

Accepted Answer

Rik on 25 Apr 2018
What dpd says is not entirely true. Some releases have a bug in displaying the min and max in the workspace window, but all at least have the option to show it. In R2012b it looks like the displaying of min-max is default, but in R2018a you can right click the bar just below the blue bar that says workspace, and check all options you like. You can probably also change this in settings.
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dpb on 25 Apr 2018
Yeah, my bad; the OP asked about WORKSPACE and I was thinking of command window; I never use the workspace window at all so totally unfamiliar with it. I'll kill the above comment; it has no bearing on the actual question at all.

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