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How can i find the property value(here plotting table) of an object which i am able to plot only? Please read body below.

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I have a function which returning a object 'yy' with properties as:
Double[] with properties:
Length: 3000000
LongLength: 3000000
Rank: 1
SyncRoot: [1x1 System.Double[]]
IsReadOnly: 0
IsFixedSize: 1
IsSynchronized: 0
If i am using plot(yy) then its giving a graph :
which i want but i am unable to find the values(plotting table) in any properties of above object located in workspace.

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Veera Kanmani
Veera Kanmani on 13 Apr 2018
what do you want? whether you want the properties of the plot or yy? can you please provide it clearly
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Abhishek Maurya
Abhishek Maurya on 13 Apr 2018
Object is 'yy' here.
plot(yy) is shown above
I want the plotting table of the above signal from object 'yy' which is located in workspace.
But i can't find any such data in any properties of object yy.
I am new in Object oriented programming.
Thank you.

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