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S-Function builder fails compilation diagnostics gives "Error using fopen ..."

Asked by Tim Darrah on 13 Apr 2018
Latest activity Answered by Stefanie Schwarz on 10 Sep 2018
I followed the very simple and straightforward guide to write an S Function Builder Block here and I get the following error when clicking the Build button:
Error using fopen
The file name contains characters that are not contained in the filesystem encoding.
Certain operations may not work as expected.
I have r2018a.


This is also occurring on my system when trying to build from the built in MATLAB s function builder example model.
This only started happening after upgrading to r2018a.
This problem does not occur when the exact same thing is tried back on r2017b.
@Mathworks, is this a bug in R2018A, that S-Function Builder does not work?

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