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S-Function builder fails compilation diagnostics gives "Error using fopen ..."

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Tim Darrah
Tim Darrah on 13 Apr 2018
Answered: Stefanie Schwarz on 10 Sep 2018
I followed the very simple and straightforward guide to write an S Function Builder Block here and I get the following error when clicking the Build button:
Error using fopen
The file name contains characters that are not contained in the filesystem encoding.
Certain operations may not work as expected.
I have r2018a.


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Doug Kaiser
Doug Kaiser on 27 Apr 2018
This is also occurring on my system when trying to build from the built in MATLAB s function builder example model.
This only started happening after upgrading to r2018a.
Doug Kaiser
Doug Kaiser on 27 Apr 2018
This problem does not occur when the exact same thing is tried back on r2017b.
Johnny Wall
Johnny Wall on 7 Jul 2018
@Mathworks, is this a bug in R2018A, that S-Function Builder does not work?

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