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question regarding saving variables from internal matlab files

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Hello everyone! i am currently trying to save a variable named Q located in the following path: C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Production Server\R2015a\toolbox\vision\vision\+vision\+internal\+calibration\StereoParametersImpl.m> this is, of course. an internal matlab file. what i wanted to do was using save function so i added inside this file in line 282, right after Q is being evaluated, the line : save ('Q.mat','Q'); yet after loading in the other scope i need Q for i get an error saying no such file exists.
I have tried to save and load Q, and also tried making Q global inside this internal matlab file though both ideas don't work. i can't change the functions return values and therefor those are my only 2 options and they both fail. I would appreciate any help if you have an idea for a solution.
best regards, Ohad

Answers (1)

William Smith
William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
Have you tried adding a breakpoint at that line, then when the breakpoint is hit, save the variable manually using your command above? Also possible - the file is being saved in a different folder from where you expect it to be saved. If you breakpoint on the save and do 'pwd' you can confirm where it's about to be saved.

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