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How to find index of a cell in matlab?

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S.A on 2 Apr 2018
Answered: William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
Hello, I'm working on my project for matching of sketches to photos. I have done with feature extraction part using SURF. In the final step I need to match 10 sketches with 30 photos based on ranking using euclidean distance. I'm getting the output which is correct but partial. The index values are just getting stored for the 10th field, its not getting displayed or stored from 1 to 9 and its stored with value as 0's. I have attached that part of code module and image of output cell matrix here.

Answers (1)

William Smith
William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
Why are you doing
Why not
[sd, MayIndex] = sort(d);

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