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How to resolve out of memory error in matlab? Please read details

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I am working on an ubuntu system with 24 core workstation. I need to load a large matrix of size (15,9000,100,90). Can any one please help me resolve this error. Do we get this error because of space limitation on matlab or the system? Since my system has enough space, I am still getting this error.

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Answers (1)

William Smith
William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
Edited: William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
And check the size of the maximum possible array. An array needs contiguous memory, it's possible yours is fragmented.
If that doesn't help, try
(see ) Also, look into sparse arrays if the data is sparse (i.e. most elements are 0).
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Apr 2018
memory() is only valid on MS Windows, but the user is using Linux. The same is true for feature('memstats') -- not available on Mac or Linux.

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