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Fitting a smoothing spline method

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vedesh Mohit
vedesh Mohit on 2 Apr 2018
Answered: William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
hey, I have a dataset x=[NaN 1 2 3 NaN NaN 4 7 9 NaN 8 28 8 ]; and I would to know how to fit a smoothing spline method to this data?

Answers (1)

William Smith
William Smith on 3 Apr 2018
spline takes data in the format ( known X's, known Y's, desired X's)
So, for example:
xfitted = spline(1:numel(x), x, desiredx);
plot(desired, xfitted);
That's just a simple cubic spline. See also 'pchip', which has the same API. Smoothing splines more formally have a 'pressure' to penalise excessive curvature. If you need them, they're in the Curve Fitting Toolbox.

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