How do I plot this graph on MATLAB?

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Dear all,
I am having difficulty in plotting this particular graph on MATLAB. I know that I am supposed to use an if and/or for statement in order to plot this graph, but, I am not able to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. I will be attaching the graph for your reference. Thank you for your time.
Best regards Sudarshan.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Mar 2018
y = 50 * ones(size(t));
mask = t >= 0.2 & t <= 0.3;
y(mask) = -50;
mask = t >= 0.1 & t < 0.2;
y(mask) = 50 - (t(mask)-1/10) * 1000;
and so on.

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