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PV array block Ifilter is not working

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Georgia Carter
Georgia Carter on 15 Mar 2018
Commented: Abhishek Yadav on 5 Dec 2021
I am using a pv array block to power a boost converter, however there is an error Failed to load library 'Filter' referenced by 'ConvertormpptMEe/PV Array/I Filter'. I have attached the photo to show you what i can see when I look under the mask for my pv array. Is there a way I can get rid of this error?
Thank you!
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Seyma Biskin
Seyma Biskin on 28 Apr 2018
Hello, I encountered with the same issue. I am analyzing and simulation hybrid micro-grid system but using PV array and connecting it to dc-dc boost converter. I got exactly same error from my PV array module. Could you please share with me if you find our the solution.

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Answers (1)

Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara on 4 Apr 2018
Like the error message says, there is a missing link to a library block. If you received this model from someone else, I would suggest you to check with the owner. Alternatively, check the below link as well.
Thanks, Prasanth


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