Control simbiology model from MATLAB command line

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I have an existing simbiology model that I want to control from the MATLAB command line. The documentation that I can find talks about creating new simbiology models from the MATLAB command line, but not about controlling an existing model. Help will be appreciated!

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Rory Conolly
Rory Conolly on 5 Mar 2018
Excellent! Thanks. This is what I was looking for.
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Star Strider
Star Strider on 5 Mar 2018
If Arthur Goldsipe solved your problem, it is appropriate that you Accept his Answer.

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 4 Mar 2018
I'm not sure what you mean by "control", but let me try to offer some guidance. You can simulate a model from the command line using the function sbiosimulate. And here is a list of command-line functions. Also, all of these examples show things you can do with models from the command line. Finally, you can learn the command-line equivalent of most desktop functionality either by using the MATLAB Code Capture Tool or by viewing task code (via the Task Code button in the toolstrip).

Rory Conolly
Rory Conolly on 5 Mar 2018
I have a very simple Simbiology model - first-order decay in a single compartment. The model name is H2O2_in_medium_only.sbproj It runs fine from the Simbiology desktop. However, if at the MATLAB command line I issue
>> mobj = sbiomodel('H2O2_medium_only')
SimBiology Model - H2O2_medium_only
Model Components:
Compartments: 0
Events: 0
Parameters: 0
Reactions: 0
Rules: 0
Species: 0
I think new, empty model is being created and linked to mobj. How do I link to the actual Simbiology model?
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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 5 Mar 2018
If you have a model open in the desktop and would also like to use it from the command line, you can right-click on the model name and export it to your MATLAB workspace.

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