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matlab Home licence query

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deltanabla on 3 Mar 2018
Edited: Stephan on 25 Apr 2018
Dear Matlab users,
I wish to purchase a home licence for personal use. I am interested in Matlab Home, Simulink and Simscape Driveline.
If I purchase a home licence, I plan to install it on my old laptop, however over time I plan to get a new laptop. Is it possible to transfer the licence to the new laptop? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 25 Apr 2018
Edited: Stephan on 25 Apr 2018
I have home license for several packages too. Good choice!
You can switch the license to another computer. If i remember correct you can do this 3 times a year. I phoned to the service team of mathworks because i had the same question. I recommend to think about which packages you need - if you order additional content later maybe you have to renew old licenses for products you have. This was the "problem" i had. If it runs bad you have to renew some licenses when adding additional content later to run all your packages in the same matlab release. Best is to call mathworks and talk to the service and think about what you want/need.
Best regards

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