How to close Fluent from Matlab after a specific time frame?

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Hello, I need some help with matlab/fluent interface. I'm not an expert with matlab. I'm doing a turbomachinery optimization and sometimes when I open fluent with matlab, the program (fluent) keeps working without giving any response. My objective is to program Matlab to automatically close Fluent after a specific time frame in case of error in the program. I launch fluent from matlab with this command: ([status,cmdout])=system(['"C:\Program Files\ANSYS Student\v182\fluent\ntbin\win64\fluent.exe" 2ddp -g -i Journal_Fluent.jou']); but I don't know how to set a working time for fluent, after which it has to close. I tried with the commands tic-toc and timer, but I don't know how to relate them to the command: system(['kill' cmdout]).
Thank you

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Mohammed on 15 Nov 2022
Edited: Mohammed on 15 Nov 2022
hello Mehdi
I am tring to call fluent from matlab and I used c:\program...... but it is not working with me. my issue how can create Journal file ?

SorMun on 16 Nov 2023
Hi Mehdi
you can use the Matlab aas toolbox
The toolbox is now availabe for download from Mathworks File Exchange at
This is an example code running a Fluent journal from Matlab.
This symplistic journal would have two lines:
report system proc-stats
fluentResult=iFluentTuiInterpreter.doMenuCommandToString('report system proc-stats')


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