How to reorder problems in Cody Coursework?

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Leon Reteig
Leon Reteig on 8 Feb 2018
Answered: Jeff Alderson on 19 Apr 2018
I'm trying to add a problem to an existing assignment. By default, any new problems appear at the bottom, after all the already created problems. But I would like to move it upwards to somewhere in the middle (e.g. so it becomes problem 12 out of 20).
It seems to be possible to drag and reorder problems in the "Contents" panel to the left. However, when I try this, the order is only changed momentarily: soon after, the page refreshes and the original order of the problems is restored. Is this a bug maybe?
Right now, the only solution I've found is to copy all the other problems, so that they appear below the problem I want to be at position 12, and then to delete the originals. Is there maybe another, easier way to accomplish this?

Answers (1)

Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson on 19 Apr 2018
Leon, this doesn't sound like Cody Coursework is behaving as expected. Please contact MathWorks support, and include the URL to the course that you are attempting to reorder problems within, and your MathWorks Account username.

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