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How do I set specific properties for my source in Kinect v2?

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Borja Roca Romero
Borja Roca Romero on 5 Feb 2018
Commented: Borja Roca Romero on 27 Feb 2018
I have been working for a week in an university thesis in wich the use of Kinect v2 camera is necessary, nowadays I've got a code that makes a good body tracking lecture and stream plots correctly at the same time.
Even so, I haven't been able to set the properties of my video input source.
In this link this is explained in a very clearfull way, nevertheless when I try to run something similar like:
set (getselectedsource(depthVid), 'BodyPosture', 'Seated');
an error pops up saying: Unrecognized property 'BodyPosture' for class 'videosource'.
This has sense once you check the properties of 'src':
>> script
General Settings:
Device Specific Properties:
EnableBodyTracking:[ {off} | on ]
Then, if only EnableBodyTracking can be modified, how can I set properties like 'BodyPosture' or 'DepthMode'?

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Shashank on 14 Feb 2018
You are referring to the documentation corresponding to Kinect V1. For Kinect V2, please refer to this documentation link:
For more information, you can refer to this:
Hope this helps
- Shashank
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Borja Roca Romero
Borja Roca Romero on 27 Feb 2018
Hello Shashank,
Looking the documentation you refer to, I cannot find something like BodyPosture, just to Track 10 pts instead of 24.
Is BodyPosture no longer available in v2?

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