Is it possible to use Usb virtual com port in Simulink Realtime?

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Hello I have a sensor to measure two rotations ( Autocollimator) which use a virtual USB com port to send the data to computer. I have a target PC which run Simulink real time operating system and i need the sensor to send this data to this computer. Is it possible to write a driver for it. I Know how to write a device driver for ISA, PCI card but not a USB port.

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Gaurav Phatnani
Gaurav Phatnani on 1 Feb 2018
Perry on 3 Oct 2020
I recently noticed that SLRT supports the Logitech G29 Steering Wheel (PS3). I think this device uses a USB to connect to the target computer. How does it do it?

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Greg Hahn
Greg Hahn on 20 Sep 2021
Any update on this? I probably don't have the time / expertise to write my own virtual COM (CDC Interface) driver for SLRT, but stil have a desire to control Ascii (SCPI) instruments.
Thanks, Greg

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