how to connect table with checkbox? dynamic? GUI

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Torsion27 on 23 Jan 2018
Answered: Torsion27 on 10 Apr 2018
Hi i am trying to set as many checkboxes as i have rows in my dynamic table. an than connect the checkbox with his row. Like row1 connected to chekcbox 1, to enable oder disable the row. thanks for helping!
function Szenario_Einlesen_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) global Szenario
Szenario = xlsread(uigetfile ({'.xlsx'}))
anzahl_eigenschaften = size(Szenario,1)
eigenschaften = cell(anzahl_eigenschaften,1);
for i=1:anzahl_eigenschaften
eigenschaften{i,1} = Szenario(i)
set (handles.uitable4 , 'data',eigenschaften)
function uitable4_CellEditCallback(hObject, eventdata, handles)

Answers (2)

Jordy Jose
Jordy Jose on 2 Feb 2018
One thing you could do is, in the CellEditCallback based on the checkbox state, change the hObject.Data(selectedInd) to eventdata.PreviousData.

Torsion27 on 10 Apr 2018
[num,txt,raw]= xlsread(uigetfile ({'.xlsx'})) %pushbutton=[num,txt,raw]; anzahl_kriterien = size([raw],1) %data=eigenschaften kriterium = cell(anzahl_kriterien);
%copyobj(handles.checkbox3) for i=1:anzahl_kriterien
kriterium{i,1} = raw(i)
end tabledata = [num2cell(true(length(raw),1)),raw];%das nur einmal checkbox spalte da ist und am anfang
set(handles.uitable3, 'data',tabledata)
function uitable3_CreateFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles) hObject.ColumnFormat = {'logical',[]}; hObject.ColumnEditable = logical([1 0]);


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