Loops in sub folders

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Najiya Omar
Najiya Omar on 15 Jan 2018
Commented: Jan on 16 Jan 2018
I have 10 folders and each one has subfolder which has the same name of all 10 called test. under test folders have subfolders named test1 including the data want to plot two rows.
Jan on 16 Jan 2018
This will not work because it pads the char matrix with spaces:
myPaths = ['100H' ; '200H' ; '300H' ; '400H' ; '%700H' ; '800H' ; '900H' ; '10000H'];
Use a cell string instead:
myPaths = {'100H' ; '200H' ; '300H' ; '400H' ; '%700H' ; '800H' ; '900H' ; '10000H'};
and replace myPaths(i,:) by myPaths{i}.

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Jan 2018
See attached demos to recursively find files in folders and subfolders.

Najiya Omar
Najiya Omar on 16 Jan 2018
this m.file


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