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How to get and set handles of GUI1 in GUI2 (GUI1 and GUI2 are stored in a different folders)

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Hi everyone.
my question is:
I have for exemple to GUIs(GUI1 und GUI2). in every GUI there are so many figures(edittext ,Text, Pushbutton,...). what I want is, to have a ability to access to every figure of any GUI (for exemple handles.edittext1 from GUI1) in another GUI(for exemple GUI2). Note: the GUI1 and GUI2 are in a different folders
I use MATLAB R2017b

Accepted Answer

Sarah Mohamed
Sarah Mohamed on 5 Jan 2018
Hello Joe!
I think you'll find the example for sharing data between GUIs at the following page helpful:
You can also take a look at the following video tutorial discussing this subject:
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joe on 10 Jan 2018
hello Sarah!
thank you for your help.
this is how i solve it
function push_buttonGUI2_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
% this is a button inside a GUI2
% Run GUI1
GUI1 % run GUI1
% Get the tag of the object to be able to access on it
h=findall(0,'tag','edit_TextGUI1'); % let say edit text in GUI1
% set a number/name inside edit text of GUI1
set(h,'String', ' I can controll you now :)');
% get the Content
Content = get(h,'String');
% Get the tag of selected_file (pushbutton) to be able to access on it
% Get handles of GUI1
% click on the button of GUI1 from GUI2

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