Control Design - Frequency Estimation - Frequency Response of a Boost Converter

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Rushi Jariwala
Rushi Jariwala on 25 Dec 2017
Answered: Siddharth Jawahar on 10 Oct 2020
I have simulated a current controlled boost converter. And I want to estimate the frequency response using Frequency Estimation tool. I want the transfer function between the inductor current and the duty cycle. And I am getting different plots for different parameters required in the Frequency Estimation Analysis.
Refer to the image: What should be the parameters for Amplitude and Frequency. Changing them gives completely different responses. Moreover, I have still not obtained the correct bode plot.
Can someone help me? I have attached the .mdl file.

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Siddharth Jawahar
Siddharth Jawahar on 10 Oct 2020
Hi Rushi,
These parameters for estimation depend on your particular application. You can specify frequencies between which you would like to estimate your frequency response. The amplitude parameter should not be too large that it won't move the plant away from the operating point at which you are trying to estimate the frequnecy response. Neither should it too small that it does not sufficiently excite the system. Maybe start by choosing 5-10% of the nominal input at stedy state.
Look through this example to get started on using the frequency response estimation workflow:

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