Rapid Accelerator Mode fatal error C1128

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When trying to execute my model in Rapid Accelerator Mode I receive the following error: fatal error C1128: number of sections exceed object file format limit : compile with /bigobj
I understand this is an issue with Visual C++, but am unsure how to alleviate it. Is there a setting I can alter to allow the compiler to compile with /bigobj, and if so can the argument be passed through matlab?

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Nick Choi
Nick Choi on 29 Dec 2017
Edited: Nick Choi on 29 Dec 2017
You can add '/bigobj' to the compiler options in the 'Code Generation' pane of the 'Configuration Parameters' in Simulink to address this error message.
Here are the steps to do this:
  1. Select 'Configuration Parameters' > 'Code Generation'
  2. Set 'Build configuration' to 'Specify'
  3. Add '/bigobj' at the end of the Options field for the C Compiler and C++ Compiler
  4. Click on Apply
Additional information on the tools/options in the 'Code Generation' pane can be found here:
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Aidan Kennedy
Aidan Kennedy on 2 Jan 2018
Thank you so much Nick, this is an excellent solution.

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