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ANOVAN with possibility of matrix as an input (columns as the variables)

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Hi, I have my variables in columns in a long matrix (2000x 25), and need to test which of the variables are statistically different. The problem is that Matlab only accepts input in the form of a long response variable which means I need to concatenate the 2000 observations x 25 times, and then specify a "group" vector. Is there a way to perform anovan with a matrix as an input? Thank you! I think this should be the most intuitive and practical way to do anovan in Matlab.

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Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan
Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan on 28 Nov 2017
Edited: Kaushik Lakshminarasimhan on 29 Nov 2017
The complex syntax of anovan allows you to handle the case of unbalanced data. Since you have the same number of observations (2000) for each of the 25 groups, you can use anova1.
If you want to compare each pair of columns, you can use the STATS output of anova1 and perform multiple comparison on that using multcompare.

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