Cryptic error when using parsim

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filippo savi
filippo savi on 23 Nov 2017
Answered: Rahul Kumar on 29 Aug 2018
I'm doing parametric simulations on a simulink model, when I launch the simulations through parsim, the first 16 simulations are run fine, from the 17th onward,I get the following error message:
'Cannot access method 'makeLTFFileNamesUnique' in class 'MultiSim.internal.SimulationRunner'.'
I have already tried the following things:
  • shuffling the order in which the simulations are run, but there seems to be no correlation between parameter values and this issue
  • running the model through the gui with the same parameters of the simualtions at fault, but in that case the simulations gets run fine
  • running the simulation in accellerator mode and normal mode, as opposed to rapid accellerator (even though the rapid accellerator works fine with the gui), this makes no difference
what is happening here?

Answers (1)

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar on 29 Aug 2018
I know this was created a while ago but I am posting in case the OP can provide some more details. This looks like a bug. Would it be possible to add reproduction steps for this issue?


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