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Thingspeakwrite error when using string array

Asked by Dion Guek on 13 Nov 2017
Latest activity Edited by Christopher Stapels on 20 Dec 2017
This string of code is taken from the thingSpeak documentation for matlab. I just copy and paste but still got this error. I would very much appreciate it if anyone can tell me where i did wrong


Dion - which version of MATLAB are you using? If you type doc thingSpeakWrite what does the documentation say about the data (second) input (are strings allowed)?
My matlab version is 2017b student edition. Based on the attached picture above, the data can be a string. This is taken from the doumentation page from

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Answer by Christopher Stapels on 20 Dec 2017
Edited by Christopher Stapels on 20 Dec 2017
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When you write string data to ThingSpeak, it generally wants to have a cell array. You should not usually need to do the String() conversion yourself. Try
Ill have a look at fixing that documented example, thanks for pointing it out.


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