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How do I use a discrete-time state-space model inside simulink?

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Kevin Stravers
Kevin Stravers on 11 Nov 2017
Answered: Nick Choi on 14 Nov 2017
I made a state-space model in matlab using the function `kalman`. Now I want to use this in simulink. How do I do that?

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Nick Choi
Nick Choi on 14 Nov 2017
If you want to implement a discrete-time state-space model in Simulink, you can use the 'Discrete State-Space' block. The following documentation page provides additional information on how to use this block:
Also, you could use the 'Kalman Filter' block in Simulink to estimate the states of the system; one thing to note is that the block is slightly different than the 'kalman' function. This documentation page provides some helpful information on the differences between the block and the function:

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