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How to parallel for the computation of eigensystem of a sparse matrix

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HongTu Nguyen
HongTu Nguyen on 26 Apr 2012
Answered: Andrew Knyazev on 15 May 2015
Hi everyone, I have a similarity matrix of image. It's symmetric, and sparse, large matrix. The computation of eigenvalues of this matrix takes too much time and memory. So I think parallelism of this computation will get better performance. But I don't know the way do that. Please give me any guide. Thanks!
HongTu Nguyen
HongTu Nguyen on 26 Apr 2012
With image I(130, 132), the similarity matrix would be 17160x17160. It's too large, but I know it symmetric and sparse. So how to compute eigenvalues from this matrix fast?

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