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How can I send multiple commands to same command prompt opened by the first command

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I need to send multiple commands to a command prompt from MATLAB. But each time when I send a command a new command prompt is opened. How can I send my second command to the same prompt which was opened during the first command. Example: First command: !cmd & next command: !D: &

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Roman Müller-Hainbach
Roman Müller-Hainbach on 2 Nov 2017
Use the system() function and string your commands together, separated by semicolons.
system('cmd1; cmd2; cmd3')
xiaohuo on 2 Mar 2022
It does not work in this case, any suggestion?
cmd_H01 = 'H1_L01.exe'; % Path of H1_L01.exe
cmd_H02 = 'H1_L02.exe'; % Path of H1_L02.exe
system('cmd_H01; cmd_H02');
system('cmd_H01 & cmd_H02');

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Robert on 1 Feb 2020
If semicolons do not work for you, use ampersands:
system('cmd1 & cmd2 & cmd3')
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Feb 2021
You have a small number of choices:
  1. Use your loop to construct a character vector or scalar string object that puts all of the commands together and then system() the result; or
  2. (Mac or Linux) system('sh < SomeNamedPipe&') and then have your MATLAB code write to the named pipe; or
  3. (Windows) use System.Diagnostics.Process to construct a .NET connection to a command shell and then write commands to the command shell; see

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