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loss calculation

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Hamed on 23 Apr 2012
Edited: Jaime López on 29 Nov 2017
hello all I need to calculate losses of IGBT and MOSFET. I have matrices of current and voltage. How can I calculate the losses in the most accurate way?

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Jaime López
Jaime López on 29 Nov 2017
Edited: Jaime López on 29 Nov 2017
Same as in any other device:
P = I(:)*V(:);
Of course, that would give you instantaneous power, which normally is not what you want, so you can then use:
P = mean(P); %to get the desired, average Power, result.
If you want accurate results though, you have to take into account:
  • Gate losses are not going to be taken into account, since you would also need Voltage and Current at the gate node (I am assuming you refer to Drain-Source values when you say you have them).
  • The results will only be as accurate as your model description, so is to say: if your model does not have an Equivalent Series Resistor, Conduction losses won't be taken into account; if your model does not have a way to make Turning-on and Turning-off times non-cero, Switching losses won't be taken into account.
  • This highly depends on how your simulation is done but: Normally, the interesting power loss value is the one at steady state, so is to say, once the circuit capacitors and inductors have reached their stade-state behaviour. So, many times, you would not want to use the full I and V matrices to do the computations, and you would get more accurate results if you dismiss the first values of the simulation (with first I mean the 'n' values untill the signals reach steady state, which could be 90% of the simulation time).

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