Why does the Find What: and Replace With: history disappear/get deleted sporadically???

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In NORMAL Matlab operations in editing, in the same session, with a few files being edited, the Find What: and Replace With: history gets deleted sporadically. Poooof! That certainly appears to be a bug, but I need to find out if the bug is in my head or in the product. Please inform users how to work around this rather ugly 'feature'.
Clovis Bonavides
Clovis Bonavides on 27 Mar 2021
I think that every user of MATLAB would probably want the Editor of the App Designer to behave exactly as it does in the “regular” Matlab code editor. The disappearance of the search history and the way updating the search text now behaves (before one just had to highlight some text and click the “find” icon to update the text to search for) is quite annoying. I cannot see one single improvement in the new “find and replace” GUI as I have it in the app designer that came with version 2021A.

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Rajesh Balagam
Rajesh Balagam on 19 Oct 2017
I am able to reproduce the issue. Thank you for the detailed description.
It seems to be a bug in the MATLAB Editor component. It will be considered for a fix in a future release of MATLAB software. Thank you for reporting this issue.


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