how should I copy the selected files to another folder whose name contains 'mytext'

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I have length(F) files are there in a folder. This program gives the 'fname' which contains all the selected files whose name contains '201306'. I want to move/copy these selected files to another folder. How should I do this from the script. Doing manually just by reading the names is such a difficult task and not satisfactory for myself.
F = dir('*.nc');
c = 0 ;
for j = 1:length(F)
fname = F(j).name ;
if ~isempty(strfind(fname,'201306'))
c = c+1 ;
i{c} = fname ;

Accepted Answer

Cedric on 7 Oct 2017
Edited: Cedric on 7 Oct 2017
copyfile( fname, dest ) ; % or movefile( fname, dest ) ;
where dest can be defined as
dest = fullfile( 'DestinationFolder', fname ) ; % or just a folder name
in your IF statement instead of the two lines that you have now.
MOST IMPORTANT: test using a copy of your files first! If you make a mistake when building the destination of MOVEFILE, you can easily loose files (by overwrite).
PS1: note that both functions accept wildcards, so you can certainly avoid the loop and leave it to the wildcard/pattern/function to copy/move all relevant files in one shot.
PS2: the destination can be a folder name, there is no need for a file name. Yet, if you want to rename files (e.g. prefix/suffix), you can do it by defining a destination file name.

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