Can I extract numerical data from a coloured CFD-plot?

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Hi, I need to extract data from 2-dimensional coloured CFD-plots, as I only have got images of a certain simulation but not the actual data. Is there a convenient way to achieve that with the Image Processing Toolbox? The image must be segmented into "cells" and then for each cell the colour data must be read and tranferred into the "right" data. The images also have colour legends on them, so there would be a way to "calibrate" the data.
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edit: Her is an example picture, the coordinate system is given as cartesian but may also be interpreted as cylindrical because it's a pipe.
Julian Jantz
Julian Jantz on 11 Sep 2017
Edited: Julian Jantz on 11 Sep 2017
Hey guys, aren't there any easy ways to extract the RGB-data of each pixel? Then I had to linearly order the possible RGB-combinations in the same way as in the legend. How could you do that? The rest would be straight forward I think...

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Answers (1)

Jocie Kluger
Jocie Kluger on 15 Sep 2017
Try the rgb2ind function. It associates each pixel with an index value, so then it should be straightforward to correlate the color bar index to each CFD plot pixel's index. This doc page has an example of rgb2ind.

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