How to access combustion engine map from powertrain block set

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I am trying to access combustion engine map from powertrain block set to modify it. I can see engine map defined, but I can't see any map with Speed, Torque and throttle points. Any help is much appreciated. Attached print screen of SI engine sub system for reference.

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Jocie Kluger
Jocie Kluger on 14 Sep 2017
Double-click on the Mapped Core Engine block to view the editable predefined speed and torque breakpoints, and corresponding look-up tables and output port names for the power, airflow, temperature, efficiency, etc.
The Mapped Core Engine block models only the engine. The throttle dynamics that result in the input TrqCmd to the Mapped Core Engine must be done outside the block.
For more information on the mapped Core Engine block, refer to the example here. Also check out this video on the powertrain blockset. It covers mapped blocks.
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Omkar Lahurikar
Omkar Lahurikar on 19 Sep 2017
Thank you Jocie for your answer,
So you mean in order to create engine map with throttle, torque dmd and engine speed. I have to create subsystem with driver input and engine block to get all three map values?

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