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Matlab ROS : rosbag record from Matlab computer on Turtlebot

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Vincent Talon
Vincent Talon on 12 Aug 2017
Answered: Vincent Talon on 16 Aug 2017
It is possible to execute the command line to record a rosbag from Matlab to the turtlebot. . I try with
if true
% code
system(d,'rosbag record --duration=10 -o NameFile /odom')
but I have an error: STDERR : bash : rosbag: command not found . I'm able to do this with the command -> openShell(d). And type in shell directly : rosbag record --duration=10 -o NameFile /odom. After upload on my Matlab coomputer : getfile(d,'path/name');
But if it is possible to do all this directly in Matlab without 'openShell', that will be great ! Thank you in advance for your help

Accepted Answer

Shashank on 16 Aug 2017
Hi Vincent,
Have you assigned the rosdevice object to d ?
I don't see it in your code.
Try this:
d = rosdevice('MyIP','Username','Password')
system(d,'rosbag record --duration=10 -o NameFile /odom')
This will execute any system command on your rosdevice which is supported. Please check if you have set the ROS environment variables properly.
- Shashank
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Vincent Talon
Vincent Talon on 16 Aug 2017
Hi, Yes I well assigned rosdevice. Yesterday evening I find the issue... it is my ssh install that failed on my Intel UP board… I re-install all… and now all works. Thank you for your time I should close the question

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Vincent Talon
Vincent Talon on 16 Aug 2017
Make sure your ssh works perfectly on the intel up board before try to upload Matlab code on it

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