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Passing values between two guis and plotting

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I have a couple of guis. The first one is called figure1 and the second figure2. The first one includes a slider. The value of that slider should be used to plot a sine function on an axis in the second gui. In the slider callback, I've written the following lines of code :
The values on the x-axis get changed when I move the slider but nothing is plotted on the axis. Can anyone help me understand what's wrong with my code?

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Vipresh Gangwal
Vipresh Gangwal on 28 Jul 2017
try adding drawnow after you call plot function. Please note that I have not tried this, just guessing that this might work.
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Safouane Chergui
Safouane Chergui on 28 Jul 2017
Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I think the axis handles is does get updated as the x-axis scale gets changed... So I don't believe it's a matter of updating the plot

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