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3/2 pneumatic valve model

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Ryan Takatsuka
Ryan Takatsuka on 20 Jul 2017
Commented: Dhruv Shukla on 3 May 2019
I am trying to design a 3/2 pneumatic valve (3 ports and 2 positions). The valve has a supply port, common port, and an exhaust port. There isn't a "switch" that I can use in the model, so I have a convoluted series of variable restriction elements in the system. This works on its own, but returns errors when added to the whole system.
The flow from supply->common and common->exhaust have their own variable restrictions (restriction varies with differential pressure) and I have another variable restriction in series with each one of these acting as a "switch" to turn flow on and off between the ports. This results in a node with no volume element (which I have been reading is a bad thing).
Any help or advice on how to model this would be greatly appreciated.

Answers (1)

Abhi Sundararaman
Abhi Sundararaman on 27 Jul 2017
It sounds like you're building this component using a series of other components (like the variable restriction component, and other pipes). I think it would be easier to just code your own custom component using the Simscape Language.
The following link has some info on creating custom components, with some examples:
Additionally, you can look at the source code for some of the existing simscape blocks, like the various pipes, and create your own 3/2 valve.
Ryan Takatsuka
Ryan Takatsuka on 11 Aug 2017
I was able to modify a series of standard Simscape components to successfully create a working 3/2 valve; however, the simulation runs very slowly. Is it much more efficient to create a custom component using the Simscape language? I have been avoiding this due to the complexity of the Simscape gas components (all of the choked flow, laminar/tubulent stuff, and enthalpy/energy conservation makes these much more complex than just modifying a standard electrical or mechanical component).
Dhruv Shukla
Dhruv Shukla on 3 May 2019
Hello Ryan,
I am making a project on pneumatic vacuum lifting system. For that, I have to create some custom block such as vacuum pump, vacuum filter and suction cup. So, can you please tell me that how can i create a custom block of pneumatic.

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